Voting guidelines for bot developers

If you have over 1000 votes per month you have to use webhooks instead of polling

Users can currently vote every 12 hours for each bot. The /votes endpoint for your bot only exposes the last 1000 votes. Please implement the webhook functionality instead if you plan to process over 1000 votes.

Unacceptable API Use 🙅

Breaking these rules will result in appropriate punishments:

User Punishment

You may not punish users for not voting for your bot, voting rewards are strictly meant to be an added bonus for bots and its absence cannot be punished.

External Bot Rewards

You may not reward users for voting for another bot other than the one being used. This includes other bots you may own.

A user votes for Bot A, they should not be receiving Bot B's currency.


Bot developers commonly choose to limit functionality of their bots through the voting system by only allowing certain features or increasing the limit of certain commands after a user has voted.

This should only be reserved for a small percentage of your bot's commands, you may not wall a large or entirety of your bot's functionality behind a voting requirement for your users.

Vote Botting

Trying to automatically vote for a bot you use OR creating user accounts to automatically vote for your own bot will result in getting banned from the site.

Acceptable API Use 👌

  • Rewarding users of your bot for voting.
  • Trying to limit voting required commands to 2-3.


First Offence: A stern warning from one of our beautiful moderators and possible reverting of bot votes.

Second Offence: If you haven't changed your ways after your first offence, or you are caught breaking these rules a second time, we will lock your access to the voting endpoint(s) and reset your votes.

We reserve the right to not follow these consequences in the exact order they are laid out here and take action how we see fit depending on the circumstances.
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