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The HTTP API implements a process for limiting and preventing spam requests. API users that regularly hit and ignore the limit will be blocked from our platform. These rate limits are in place to help prevent the abuse and overload of our services.

Global Ratelimit

Global rate limits are applied on all routes

RouteRequest TypeMax RequestsThrottle
**100/second1 hour block

Resource-Specific Ratelimits

Certain endpoints have tighter restrictions on their rate limits. Global rate limits still apply to requests sent to these.

RouteRequest TypeMax RequestsThrottle
/bots/**60/minute1 hour block

Exceeding a Rate Limit

If you exceed the set rate limit for the API you will receive a HTTP 429 and be blocked from posting to the API for one hour.

"retry-after": 3600
retry-afterintegerThe timeout in seconds before you are able to send requests again. Learn more about this header here