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NPM Package



npm install @top-gg/sdk or yarn add @top-gg/sdk

If you're using deno, check out the unofficial deno sdk

Posting bot stats

Posting your bot's statistics is a quick and easy way to show how many people use your bot. There's a simple library that uses our SDK to post statistics here: topgg-autoposter

npm i topgg-autoposter

const client = new Discord.Client() // Your discord.js or eris client (or djs ShardingManager)
const { AutoPoster } = require('topgg-autoposter')

const ap = AutoPoster('Your Token', client)

ap.on('posted', () => {
console.log('Posted stats to!')


The API can also be configured to receive events for when users vote for your bot through webhooks via express. You must first configure webhooks on your bot through the dashboard before using this.

const Topgg = require("@top-gg/sdk")
const express = require("express")

const app = express()

const webhook = new Topgg.Webhook("your webhook auth")"/dblwebhook", webhook.listener(vote => {
// vote will be your vote object, e.g
console.log(vote.user) // 395526710101278721 < user who voted\

// You can also throw an error to the listener callback in order to resend the webhook after a few seconds