API resource for users

A user represents a User account in It is not associated with any other platform like Discord.

Find One User



Retrieves information about a particular user by their Discord user id.

curl -X GET \
 -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
 -H 'Authorization: your-topgg-token'


idsnowflakeThe id of the user
usernamestringThe username of the user
discriminatorstringThe discriminator of the user
avatar?stringThe avatar hash of the user's avatar
defAvatarstringThe cdn hash of the user's avatar if the user has none
bio?stringThe bio of the user
banner?stringThe banner image url of the user
socialobjectThe social usernames of the user youtube channel id of the user
social.reddit?stringThe reddit username of the user
social.twitter?stringThe twitter username of the user
social.instagram?stringThe instagram username of the user
social.github?stringThe github username of the user
color?stringThe custom hex color of the user (not guaranteed to be valid hex)
supporterbooleanThe supporter status of the user
certifiedDevbooleanThe certified status of the user
modbooleanThe mod status of the user
webModbooleanThe website moderator status of the user
adminbooleanThe admin status of the user
  "discriminator": "0001",
  "avatar": "a_1241439d430def25c100dd28add2d42f",
  "id": "140862798832861184",
  "username": "Xetera",
  "defAvatar": "322c936a8c8be1b803cd94861bdfa868",
  "admin": true,
  "webMod": true,
  "mod": true,
  "certifiedDev": false,
  "supporter": false,
  "social": {}
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